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Undertstand Contracts

Understand Complex and lengthy Smart Contracts in your natural language under 3-4 lines in just matter of Seconds

Audit Contracts

Audit your SmartContracts and get High and Medium level Bugs in the contract along with the recommendations to solve

Create Contracts

Create professional level and Audited Smart Contracts in seconds with power of AI written in language of our choice

Find Vulnerabilites

Find all the Vulnerabilities & mistakes in the contract along with a proper solution to save your contract from gettting hacked

Flow of Contracts

Get a Proper Flow chart of your contracts , to show what is happening in the backend logic of the contract and increase clarity of the code

Gas Optimization

Save Hefty Gas Fees on chain and optimize your contracts for gas usage. Tips tl lower the gas usage and improve the UX

How it works ?

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Understand complex smart contract code boiled down to 3-4 lines in a natural language of your choice just in seconds. Customize the results according to your level of understanding

Get your Smart Contracts Audited from AI like proffessionals do, find High & Medium Level vulnerabilities in the contracts in seconds .Even get the recommended solution to resolve the bug. Save your contracts from getting hacked

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Create Smart contracts with just simple prompts and get professional level contract , properly audited and gas optimized in just a matter of seconds

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